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Three Hacks to Improve User Acquisition

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As of August 2021, the common price of app consumer acquisition is $3.52. It’s a high price to pay on your app to achieve the recognition and downloads it deserves.


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One of many biggest challenges app creators face is maintaining good acquisition, retention, and engagement numbers. Even if you do a good job of developing your app, customers won’t know about it until you inform them it exists.

This is where consumer acquisition proves to be useful. In this article, we’ll cover some of the greatest hacks to make it work.

1. Paid Critiques

If you’re comparatively new to the trade, you should have a tough time standing out out of your rivals. For that, identical to influencer advertising and marketing, you may look out for paid reviewers, who will help in shaping your app’s desirability. As they’re thought leaders in particular niches, their opinions could make or break your app.

2. Leverage Phrase of Mouth

Your customers itself can grow to be the most important ambassadors of your app. For that, it is advisable to make them really feel particular and provides them a number of the explanation why they need to share your app with their associates.

For mobile game apps, you may utilise social login choices for customers to attach with their associates. It’s also possible to strive gamification of the referral / invite applications or supply an incentive for a similar. Additionally, be sure your app has a social share button that’s simple to entry.

3. Carry out E mail Advertising and marketing

For each greenback you spend on electronic mail advertising and marketing, you may count on an average return of $42. Even when your app is within the pre-launch stage, you may make use of your web site’s subscription part to assemble emails of people who find themselves excited about understanding extra.

To begin with, nearly everybody has an electronic mail account. All it is advisable to do is supply an insightful useful resource reminiscent of an e-book or webinar in return for an individual’s electronic mail tackle. As soon as your app is launched, you may notify them.

Even after your app’s launch, electronic mail advertising and marketing is a great tool to retain customers. Right here’s an instance from the Duolingo app.