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How to use SMS for app marketing

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An average person checks their mobile phone every few minutes every day, and also before getting out of bed. This makes a phone handy for SMS marketing since the open rate is likely to be 100%. You can use text message marketing to reach your target consumers in real-time.


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Mobile advertising works, but there are certain things you should know to make the strategy effective. Read on to learn how you can use SMS for app marketing.

Know The Basic Components of SMS 

SMS marketing mainly consists of two components that include the shortcode and keyword. Your short SMS message may read “Text ‘Juice’ to 33333 for our weekly releases.” In this case, the word “juice” is the keyword, and the shortcode goes to the recipient’s inbox.

When the customer responds to the message, they are opting into your SMS campaign. You can then send the customer an automated response with your advertising message.

You can also get customers to use an order form to submit their phone numbers, as another way to get them to opt-in. However, you need to confirm the number to ensure the customer has opted-in to the campaign.

If the subscriber wants to opt-out, they can text the word “Stop” and they will no longer receive marketing messages from your company.

Understand How Text Messaging Works

If you want to run a successful SMS marketing campaign, you should understand how text messaging works. When you send a text message, you receive a “sent” alert. However, this means your text has been submitted to your cellular network awaiting delivery to the recipients.

This usually happens when you are texting a message to an international number, where it passes through different networks before it finally reaches the destination. When the internet connection is lost, the message may not reach the intended number, and you will receive a “failed to send” alert.

Your message can be stuck on send due to several reasons, and it will expire after 72 hours. If the phone is off, the message can remain on the scent mode until it is delivered or fails. You will receive a “delivered” notification once the message finally reaches the intended number.

When you receive undelivered messages, it means the phone number you are using is incorrect or no longer in use. If you send a message to an invalid number, it will not be delivered. Additionally, a failed notification also means the message cannot be delivered due to different reasons.

To fix the problem, you need to recheck the number before trying to resend it. Other issues can be caused by technical glitches, so you need to be patient.

Personalize Your Message

When you send a text message via a mobile device, you have the opportunity to personalize your message. You can add words that drive engagement in the text message or something that attracts the reader’s attention.

When drafting your message, remember you only have 200 characters to use, so make it short and relevant to the target people.

Run a Sweepstakes Contest

This is a standard promotion strategy where the consumers can sign up for sweepstakes by texting a specific keyword. You can select winners from the participants. You can give a small token to every person who participates by texting your keyword.

This method helps attract more customers in the hope that they will win from participating in a specific campaign. You can also use it to cross-promote certain products and services.


You can also use the auto-response option to reach your customers. If you set it in advance, it sends out automatic messages to customers. This option saves you the hassle of responding to each buyer individually.

However, you can only use this method when the customer opts to receive messages or participate in a survey. You can automatically send messages to registered customers, and this approach improves efficiency.


You can also use the SMS marketing strategy by sending your customers coupons. This technique will promote app since customers are always looking for better deals and bargains when they are choosing. When a customer has a coupon, this is sufficient motivation to influence them to spend more money in your store.

SMS marketing is a very effective strategy for app promotion. With this method, you can communicate directly with your clients from different parts of the world. Once a message alert pops, the holder of the phone will immediately check it and respond if they want.

If you want to use this strategy in your app, the tips above can give you insight into the measures you can take to achieve your goals.