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Google Maps’ new Insights tool keeps up with your travel patterns

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We all know that Google has become a master of data manipulation, and Google Maps is no different. Now, a new tool, called Insights, is beginning to make its way to more Google Maps users as part of the app’s Timeline.


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The Timeline is part of the Google Maps app that shows all kinds of detailed stats like which cities you’ve traveled to or places that you frequently visit. Now, the app has added Insights that give users all kinds of detailed information about what a certain month looks or looked like as far as travel goes.

So, what exactly does that mean? The new Google Maps Insights tab tells users all about their travel patterns during any given month. You’ll see things like the total distance traveled that month, as well as the days that you traveled the most.

The Google Maps Insights tab will show all of the different places you’ve visited over the course of that month. It breaks locations down into shopping, dining, hotels, etc. Additionally, the feature looks into all different kinds of travel, from walking to flying.

As of now, the Insights feature is still being tested out and only available to select users. According to Android Police, Insights has been confirmed to be available for Google Maps users in the UK as well as Germany. I personally was able to check out the Insights tab from my Android phone, though I admittedly don’t travel too much.


As of now, there’s no real word on when the Insights tab will be making its way to all Google Maps users. However, the fact that it is already available on some Android devices in the United States leads me to believe that Insights will be coming to everyone very soon.